LNG & LPG Ship/Shore
Interface Conference London
16-17 November 2017

LNG  & LPG  Ship/Shore <br>Interface Conference

The challenges of optimising ship and terminal operations at the jetty, offshore and bunker station.

The third LNG Ship/Shore Interface conference will once again bring together leading figures to discuss ship and terminal operations at the jetty, offshore and bunker station. This event provides essential operational best practice information to all stakeholders in the LNG transportation supply chain including, vessel owners/operators, ports, LNG project developers, energy majors, charterers and equipment/service suppliers.

Programme highlights

  • Comprehensive update on key industry developments and order book
  • Innovations at terminals and jetties, and compatibility with different size vessels
  • Small scale terminals
  • LNG bunkering facilities: truck-to-ship, shore-to-ship and ship-to-ship
  • Ensuring secure high-speed ship-shore link systems
  • The latest innovations in hoses, couplings, mooring arms and ropes
  • Emergency disconnect system technologies
  • The latest developments with FSRUs and FLNGs
  • Ship-ship transfers
  • Dealing with emergency response
  • Best practice manning and training

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Videos from our last LNG Ship/Shore Interface conference: 


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