LNG Ship/Shore Interface Conference
Awards & Exhibition London, 28-29 November 2019

LNG Ship/Shore Interface Conference <br> Awards & Exhibition


Latest developments in LNG transportation and transfer


08:00 Registration coffee and networking

08:55 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

09:00 Welcome address from platinum sponsor
David Pendleton, Managing Director, Trelleborg Marine Systems UK

09:05 Welcome from the conference chairman
Andrew Clifton, General Manager, SIGTTO


A comprehensive update of the LNG market, vessels and terminals. Speakers will present invaluable data, trends and analysis to ensure delegates are fully up to date.


  • Analysis of gas prices current and future trends
  • Supply and Demand for global LNG understanding the market drivers
  • LNG carries market size and order book
  • LNG powered vessels anticipates growth
  • LNG terminals key projects in the pipeline
  • Regional update projects in global markets including emerging markets (India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Brazil)

09:35 Q&A

09:45 Key global developments affecting the LNG industry

  • Analysing the effects of the IMO 2020 emissions regulations 
  • How will the LNG industry benefit from global initiatives promoting clean energy?
  • What has been the impact of geopolitical developments on LNG supply and demand?
  • Managing business risks in a regulated and unpredictable market? 

Paul Ocholla, Commercial Advisor, National Grid, Grain LNG
10:05 Q&A

10:15 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by Samson Rope Technologies


Leading technology companies will present the latest innovations in LNG ship-shore interface technologies. 

10:55 What will the next generation of LNG ship-shore link systems look like?
Senior Representative, Trelleborg Marine Systems UK
11:15 Q&A

11:20 Innovative hose based FSRU ship-to-shore HP gas transfer solution

  • A proven technology improving transfer economics and schedule while maintaining safety standards
  • Introducing the intrinsic flexibility of API compliant high pressure gas hoses allowing for larger operational envelope compared to conventional loading arms
  • Understanding the complete turnkey solution including HP hoses, ERC and hose fall arrest system allowing for easy installation and safe disconnection
  • Enabling fast-track projects with 5-6 months from inception to first gas
  • Reducing both CAPEX and OPEX investments with the cost effective and low maintenance HP hoses

Gergely Szekely, Senior Project Engineer, ContiTech Oil & Marine Corp
11:40 Q&A

11:45 The latest in emergency shutdown technologies

  • Emergency shutdown (ESD) of the cargo transfer process
  • Enhancing the safety credentials of emergency shutdown systems
  • Ensuring you comply with industry safety standards

12:05 Q&A

12:10 Advancements in loading arm technologies

  • Latest improvements in onshore and offshore loading systems
  • LNG transfer systems for hostile and challenging environments
  • Ensuring compatibility with various marine applications

12:30 Q&A

12:35 Networking lunch break in the exhibition area sponsored by Bureau Veritas


This session will look at the latest developments in both fixed and floating LNG terminals. Speakers will discuss new designs, functionality, technological innovations and their experiences from recent operations. 

13:45 The latest developments in LNG terminals

  • Case studies of recent terminals introduced to the market
  • What improvements are being made in terminal setup and facilities
  • What are the latest innovations in jetty design and infrastructure?
  • Floating storage and regassification latest developments
  • Addressing recent ship-shore compatibility issues
  • Terminal infrastructure and support services for tugs and LNG powered vessels
  • How are terminals facilitating downstream services and energy to the grid?
  • How are downstream services advancing to provide energy to industrial, commercial and domestic users

15:45 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by Samson Rope Technologies


Presentation of recent small-scale initiatives, infrastructure and bunkering solutions. Fixed and floating terminals.

16:25 Small-scale LNG market update

  • Analysing recent growth in the chartering of small-scale vessels
  • Market outlook or future demand
  • Small-scale terminal development update on current and future projects

16:45 Q&A

16:55 Jetty-less LNG transfer solution for small-scale LNG terminals
Introducing a jetty-less LNG transfer solution that enables the development of small-scale LNG terminals (power, bunkering and reloading) in complex environments.
17:15 Q&A

17:25 Closing remarks from the conference chairman
Andrew Clifton, General Manager, SIGTTO

17:30 Drinks reception sponsored by TechnipFMC
18:30 Gala dinner & LNG World Shipping Awards
20:30 End of day one


08:00 Registration coffee and networking in the exhibition area sponsored by Samson Rope Technologies

09:00 Welcome address from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

09:05 Welcome from the conference chairman
Andrew Clifton, General Manager, SIGTTO


A look at recent developments with LNG Carriers, recent designs and advancements in field operations.

09:15 Newbuild case study: Analysing the next generation of vessels

  • What new innovations are on the horizon?
  • What improvements can we expect to see in future vessels
  • Latest developments in containment systems
  • What types of vessels are currently in demand? 

09:35 Q&A

09:45 Case study: What is involved with vessels assurance

  • Vessel assurance checklists
  • Understanding the key risks that are addressed during the assurance process
  • Best practice guidelines for owner and operators

10:05 Q&A

10:15 Owner/Operator Panel Discussion

  • What are the key challenges facing vessel owners and operators?
  • How is the transportation of LNG around the globe changing?
  • What improvements would owners/operators like to see at terminals and jetties

10:45 Q&A

10:55 Networking coffee break in the exhibition area sponsored by Samson Rope Technologies


Update on LNG bunkering infrastructure and facilities.

11:35 Recent developments in LNG bunkering arrangements for LNG fuelled vessels

  • Port facilities for LNG fuelled vessels
  • Bunkering services available for future LNG fuelled vessels
  • Industry update on shore-to-ship and ship-to-ship bunkering facilities
  • How are bunker volumes expected to change in the future?

11:55 Q&A

12:05 Panel discussion: Owner/operator experiences with LNG bunkering

  • Availably of LNG for global operations
  • Experience with bunkering LNG what are the key concerns going forward?
  • What further improvements would vessel owners like to see in the supply chain?

12:35 Q&A

12:45 Networking lunch break 


How are digitalisation technologies contributing to greater efficiency and improvements in safety.

13:55 How Digitalisation and 3D simulation technologies are enabling safety and efficiency

  • How are digitalisation and 3D simulation technologies being utilised for various maritime applications
  • Understanding the key benefits of using digitalisation technologies for LNG STS transfers
  • How can safety be enhanced through the use of digitalisation technologies
  • What efficiencies are possible analysing the latest field data

Dr Phil Thompson, Director, Simulation & Training Products, BMT Group
14:15 Q&A


Update on recent improvements in safety standards.

14:25 SIGTTO LNG Safety at the ship/shore interface

  • Present industry issues
  • SIGTTO projects
  • LNG training
  • How SIGTTO manages risk
  • Methane emissions

Andrew Clifton, General Manager, SIGTTO
14:45 Q&A

SESSION 9: Industry development: Key factors to look out for as the industry evolves

The final session will consolidate two days of discussions by looking at the future outlook of the LNG industry. Industry leaders will address the key factors that are expected to affect the LNG markets, transportation and trade.

14:50 Industry leaders panel discussion

  • How is the LNG market expected to develop over the next 12 months?
  • Important factors the industry needs to be mindful of what are the key challenges?
  • What activity can we expect to see from the energy majors how will this affect LNG transportation and trade?
  • What is the future outlook of LNG as a clean fuel, will new technologies replace it?

15:20 Q&A

15:30 Closing remarks from the conference chairman
Andrew Clifton, General Manager, SIGTTO

15:35 Closing remarks from Riviera Maritime Media
Edwin Lampert, Head of Content, Riviera Maritime Media

15:40 End of conference

*Programme subject to amendments/change

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